What is life without a hug everyday?

Album FREEDOM honouring the current times we are living...

Make sure you get one hug today... with love from Francine
Parody on the traditional 'poor me' country song where 'what else can go wrong?'Just one of those years but with a positive twist - from the albums "Joy Joy Joy" & "I Can Do It" (LOA Part II)

Words & Music: Francine Jarry
The Children are the Guardians of the World
The children are the future... This song was written and produced to raise awareness to the needs of children worldwide and is available for 'free' to any organization who wants to use it for that purpose - from the albums "Lullabies of Well-Being", "If You Love This Planet" & "Follow the Rainbow"
SOOTHE YOURSELF~Abraham & Francine
A few soothing and wise words from Abraham followed by "Soothe Yourself" song by Francine Jarry...neither Abraham nor Francine knew about each other's words prior to making this video - a perfect match...

We can always use a little soothing especially in these days of great contrast...soothe yourself and anyone around you ~ letting go of resentment and resistance while getting back into alignment...Be a soother...
Maya~Children of the Sun
Awaken to the memory...of the wisdom of the rhythm of the moon "We can live in peace & harmony...with the wisdom of the rhythm of the moon." As ancient sky watchers and time keepers of the Earth, many believe the Maya were here to remind us of our Divine connection to the Universe and that we need to re-align with the natural cycles of the Earth, the Moon, the Sun and the Stars in order to co-evolve with the Earth as autonomous sovereign beings.

This is the theme for "The Story of Time~The Story of Turtle & Tree" written by Jose Arguelles ~

Music & Lyrics by Francine Jarry

Theme produced & arranged by Peter Mika

Lead & harmony vocals by Francine Jarry/

Children singing/Shaunisse Rose...

Complete "Story of Time" videos available on youtube...
Me and my garden ~
First year with my garden... having so much fun...can't wait for summer again...

Happy Birthday Bobby my beautiful son...love Mom