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Every cloud has a silver lining
Every rainbow is there for you
Laugh out loud and the sun comes shining
And I'm always here for you

Friends, friends, friends
Forever we've been friends
Friends, friends, friends, friends
And always we'll be friends

And if the day seems to be dark and cloudy
And you're feeling all alone
Think of me and how much I love you
You're never really on your own
Short Song Description:
uplifting song for rainy days... all ages... song of eternal friendship... we are never alone... (see youtube video)
Lyric Credits: Francine Jarry
Music Credits: Francine Jarry
Producer Credits: Francine Jarry
Publisher Credits: Rainbow Messenger Publishing
Performance Credits: Francine Jarry
Label Credits: The Rainbow Music Company
Song Length: 3:48
Primary Genre: Unique-Children
Secondary Genre: -
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Friendship
Mood 1: Cheerful