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Children are the guardians of the world(IF YOU LOVE THIS PLANET)
Los niños son los dueños de la tierra

Verse I
The children are the future of the planet
The children are the teachers
The children are the ones who know the secrets
They are the ones - who will lead the way

The children are the keepers of the earth
The children know the wonders of the world
They've always been the ones who know the way
The children are the guardians of the world

(Narration during musical break)

Les enfants sont l'avenir sur terre
Les enfants nous montrent le chemin
Les enfants sont l'espoir, la lumière
Les enfants sont la voix de demain

Verse 2
Los niños son la voz de nuestra tierra
Los niños son su canto
Los niños son la voz de la esperanza
Nos enseñan amor, paz y libertad

Chorus 2 to end...
Los niños son - los dueños de la tierra
Los niños ven - todas sus maravillas
Los niños son - amor e innocencia
Los niños son - los dueños de la tierra

Short Song Description:
The children are the future... This song was written and produced to raise awareness to the needs of children worldwide and is available for 'free' to any organization who wants to use it for that purpose - from the albums "Lullabies of Well-Being", "If You Love This Planet" & "Follow the Rainbow"
Story Behind the Song:
English lyrics were sent to me by my friend Jeane Denny from England... I provided the music and the French and Spanish lyrics. This song is being performed by many elementary school choirs; it is also featured on ABC4All (A better community for all) a non-profit organization out of California - http://www.abc4all.com
Lyric Credits: Jeane Denny (English) Francine Jarry (Spanish & French)
Music Credits: Francine Jarry
Producer Credits: Jan Norman / Peter Mika / Francine Jarry / Eli Krantzberg
Publisher Credits: Rainbow Messenger Publishing
Performance Credits: Francine Jarry & The Edinburgh School Children's Choir (vocals), piano & sequencing Peter Mika, paragayan harp Robin Grenon
Label Credits: The Rainbow Music Company
Song Length: 3:33
Primary Genre: Unique-Children
Secondary Genre: Pop-Easy Listening
Lead Vocal: Mixed Vocals
Subject Matter 1: General
Mood 1: Joyful
Language: Multi-Language