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Maya theme from The Story of Time(piano)
Story Behind the Song:
This is the original piano version to the Maya theme (Children of the Sun) that was used as background to the narration for The Story of Time written by Jose Arguelles.

This composition came to me late one night as I was trying out my new keyboard - I recorded it and titled it 'Maya' and left it on a shelf ~ a few years later I received the manuscript from Jose Arguelles for The Story of Time asking me to put it to music... this theme was perfect for all of the narration parts...

"The Story of Time, the story of turtle and tree" can be seen on youtube in its entirety ~ youtube video Overview https://youtu.be/Hb872s2pKcE
Music Credits: Francine Jarry
Producer Credits: Francine Jarry
Publisher Credits: Rainbow Messenger Publishing
Performance Credits: Francine Jarry // piano
Label Credits: The Rainbow Music Company
Song Length: 3:41
Primary Genre: New Age-Contemporary
Secondary Genre: -