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THE STORY OF TIME ~ TURTLE & TREE (complete soundtrack)


"A BEAUTIFUL STORY FOR ALL AGES" now available as an eBook on Amazon
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Written & illustrated by Jose Arguelles ~ lawoftime.org
Music written, recorded & performed by Francine Jarry ~ rainbowmusic.ca
Maya ~ Children of the Sun Theme beautifully arranged & orchestrated by Peter Mika

Most people today have never questioned the 12 month calendar by which we live, a calendar barely 500 years old...a calendar of 12 irregular months which needs a rhyme to help us remember how many days in each month. This 12 month calendar also coincides with the beginning of the age of industrialization which seems to be running out of control.

Long ago our planet was known as 'Turtle Island' by all the children of the Earth for the power of 13 is contained within the matrix on the back of Turtle's shell...and as Turtle swims upon the seas of creation, Earth navigates her way through the Cosmos, for it takes 13 moons for the Earth to make one complete orbit around the Sun while Tree keeps time 'one ring-each year'.

The Story of Time is a gentle blending of narration and song...our connection to the Earth and to each other. The "Intro" track Maya Theme Children of the Sun is intended as background while you read the introduction pages... hope you will enjoy your journey through "time"...

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