Maya... Children Of The Sun (theme)

'Maya... children of the Sun' is the theme music behind the narration to "The Story of Time"... it is also the music behind Abraham's 'Rampages of Well-Being" on the CD "A New Adventure"... a perfect example of the universe working in perfect synchronicity...

I found out about Abraham at a "13-moon" gathering I attended in Portland, Oregon in 1998 when I was asked to showcase some of the songs from "The Story of Time" during one of Jose Arguelles' talks. As it turned out the woman sitting next to me had just recently attended an Abraham seminar and immediately started telling me about it.

A few years later when I was having dinner with Jerry & Esther Hicks in Syracuse to discuss the release of "A New Adventure" I had a sudden impulse to give them the Maya theme CD as we were saying goodbye. When I arrived home in Montreal, I had a message from them asking me if they could use it on our upcoming Cd collaboration...

Yes... the universe works in wondrous ways when we least expect it and especially when there is no resistance.

Song Length: 11:22

Genre: Children/all-ages Easy Listening Environmental Law Of Attraction

Lyric Credits: Francine Jarry
Music Credits: Francine Jarry
Producer Credits: Produced & arranged by Peter Mika
Publisher Credits: Rainbow Messenger Publishing
Performance Credits: Francine Jarry / vocals - Shaunisse Rose / child's voice
Label Credits: The Rainbow Music Company

Price: 0.99$

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MAYA... Children of the Sun

Awaken to the memory
Of the wisdom of the rhythm of the moon
We can live in peace and harmony
With the wisdom of the rhythm of the moon

We are children of the sun
And we walk here upon the earth
To the rhythm of the moon
To the rhythm of the moon

We are children of the sun
And we live here upon this land
Remember we are one
Remember we are one

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