The Story Of Time (Turtle & Tree Return To The Time Of The Dream)

Theme & narration

Song Length: 3:58

Genre: Children/all-ages Environmental Inspirational

Lyric Credits: José Argüelles
Music Credits: Francine Jarry
Producer Credits: Francine Jarry/Peter Mika
Publisher Credits: Rainbow Messenger Publishing
Performance Credits:
Label Credits: The Rainbow Music Company

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Great Grandmother Galaxy recalls: after tree and turtle had established their undying friendship, they multiplied and spread their kind all over Earth’s biosphere.

Tree asked wind to blow her seeds everywhere. The seeds crossed ocean and mountain, taking root in soil and rocks. Through her stillness of mind, tree adapted to every different climate of the atmosphere. From the seed dream of time, tree evolved into many different kinds of trees.

Turtle’s kind also spread across Earth’s biosphere. Turtle navigated every depth as well as the streams and rivers of the land. Everywhere turtle swam or crawled, turtle adapted.

One day when she was very old, the original Great Grandmother Turtle came to look for the original Great Grandmother Tree. It was time for turtle to return to the time of the dream. Turtle had one desire: to be near Great Grandmother Tree when she left her great shell behind and returned to the time of the dream.

The original Great Grandmother Tree was now surrounded by a circle of trees. This circle was the center of a vast forest spread as far as turtle’s eye could see. Turtle looked up through the play of sunlight and shadow at the top of the circle of trees. In a spray of radiant light, turtle thought she could see the Hunab Ku. She was right. The moment to return to the time of the dream had come.

After turtle’s last breath, a great wind arose, fierce and strong. Soon a storm blew wildly through the moonless night. Before the next day dawned, a giant crash was felt across the vast primeval forest. Great Grandmother Tree had joined turtle in returning to the time of the dream.

In the grove of trees, turtle’s unmoving shell lay glistening in the dappled dew of dawn. Next to turtle, tree’s great trunk lay silent.

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