The Story Of Time (The Biosphere, Times Earthly Round)

Theme & narration

Song Length: 2:16

Genre: Children/all-ages Environmental Inspirational

Lyric Credits: José Argüelles
Music Credits: Francine Jarry
Producer Credits: Francine Jarry/Peter Mika
Publisher Credits: Rainbow Messenger Publishing
Performance Credits:
Label Credits: The Rainbow Music Company

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Great Grandmother Galaxy says, the biosphere is the name of Earth’s farthest shore of time. This shore of time defines the limit of time’s Earthly round.

The biosphere is the farthest shore from Earth’s beating crystal core. The biosphere is where Earth’s children root and take their shapes in time. Every living form of the biosphere is a child of the Earth equal to all the other children of the Earth. Seen from the eye of the hawk, the biosphere is a dancing veil of green light draped across the planet’s twisting mountains and windswept plains.

At any time in the long cycle of becoming, the amount of life in the biosphere has remained the same. Within the biosphere there is nothing but motion and change. Day out and night in, the sphere of time remains constant and stable.

The biosphere in time never leaves the power of the universal spin. This is mother Earth’s economy. If ever one life form dominates other life forms, then the biosphere reorganizes itself. When a re-organization occurs, a new time also occurs. In anew time, new life arises. All life forms become equal to each other once again. In this way, by drawing on the rounding power of time, the biosphere keeps its balance.

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