The Story Of Time (Tree Talks Time-One Ring One Year)

Song & narration

Song Length: 3:36

Genre: Children/all-ages Environmental Inspirational

Lyric Credits: José Argüelles
Music Credits: Francine Jarry
Producer Credits: Francine Jarry
Publisher Credits: Rainbow Messenger Publishing
Performance Credits:
Label Credits: The Rainbow Music Company

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As high as tree’s branches rose, its roots ran deep into the Earth. Each year tree could sprout a new and different song of time. Withstanding storm and wind, tree’s great trunk is Earth’s living timekeeper. Every thirteen moons tree would grow another ring around its trunk. To this day, tree grows one ring each year.

One ring, one year
The power of time is without fear
From her trunk tall and straight
Tree’s branches pierce the starry gate
From her trunk firm and round
Tree’s roots pierce Earth’s crystal ground
Thirteen moons, one Earth, one sound
Tree keeps time true and round

Tree felt the songs of the wind. In the songs, tree heard great grandmother turtle’s vow to keep the recollection of the knowledge of time.

The original great grandmother tree thought to herself… out of respect for turtle’s vow to keep the knowledge of time and the universal spin within her shell, I and all of my descendants vow to remain tall and true to our principles.

Remaining true to our principals, growing tall where we can grow tall, showing in other ways the power of small, we trees will forever be the keepers of Earth’s yearly round of time. This is why it is tree’s purpose to now reveal the nature of time so that all Earth’s human children will remember the teaching of time in the round...

A ring a year true and round
Makes thirteen moons a single sound
In me ring time is the round
That circles life in one sound
Roots of crystal leaves of light
Breathe green its day and dewy night
One ring one year one single round
One life one time one Earth unbound
Thirteen moons, one Earth, one sound
Tree keeps time true and round

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