The Story Of Time (GGG Talks Time)

Song Length: 3:08

Genre: Children/all-ages Environmental Inspirational

Lyric Credits: José Argüelles
Music Credits: Francine Jarry
Producer Credits: Francine Jarry/Peter Mika
Publisher Credits: Rainbow Messenger Publishing
Performance Credits:
Label Credits: The Rainbow Music Company

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Great grandmother galaxy says: if you do not know about time, you cannot know who you are. To know who you are is to know how to take your time.

What is time? How can you know about time? You cannot see or feel or touch or taste time. Can you hear time? You know time passes, or that you pass through time. But what is time? And what is it in you that knows time?

Everything is related in time. Time relates everything. Time is the story of the relation of all things to each other.

Great grandmother galaxy says, time is how you pass through the mystery of what I am! Time is the weaving of all the different great grandmother galaxies that make up the universe.

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