Alabama Rain

Love doesn't always work out the way we would like it to be...
written while visiting friends in Alabama after a severe summer storm

Song Length: 4:39

Genre: Country Easy Listening

Lyric Credits: Don Graham / Francine Jarry
Music Credits: Francine Jarry & Bill Hill
Producer Credits: Produced & arranged by Bill Hill/John McDiarmid/Mixed by Jack Richardson
Publisher Credits: Rainbow Messenger Publishing
Performance Credits: Francine Jarry
Label Credits: The Rainbow Music Company

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Verse 1
So far away from home not knowing where I’m going to
I feel so all alone never loved like I loved you
I guess that I was wrong to think you’d feel the same
Now I’m falling down so hard just like this southern rain

Verse 2
Thunder rolls across the darkened Dixie sky
How fast your love turned cold, how easily you said goodbye
I thought by heading south my heart would rise again
But it’s still falling fast just like this southern rain

Alabama rain caught me by surprise
Here they come again tears that fill my eyes
I wish that you could see just how close we came
Wish you were here with me in this Alabama rain

I guess you’ll never know just how close we came
Cuz’ you’re not here with me in this Alabama rain

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