"Joy to the Universe"... rivers of positive energy...

I bought "A New Adventure" last Thursday at an Abraham Hicks workshop and love it, especially "Joy to the Universe", which I keep playing over again. The way you sing "Joy to the Universe" sends rivers of positive energy through my body - definitely connected to Source!".
Philadelphia, PA

We play it every single day!

We are ALL so happy with "A New Adventure". We never tire of it. We play it every single day AND we love introducing it to others .
Jerry & Esther Hicks, Abraham-Hicks Publications

For the children and for all ages

I love your music. It really helps to get into my subconscious to break those bad thoughts. What's really great is that I listen to it in the minivan, so that my children know the music and the words.
Name withheld

Singing your songs going into surgery... DEAR FATHER...

I was singing your songs going into surgery! Your music has assisted me in lining up immediately, Francine. I am so grateful for that. Your song "Dear Father" is just sooo beautiful. It's definitely one of the powerful bridges between spirituality and religion. It's very important. I love turning it up... I always get chills. In loving grace,

IT'S UP TO ME (if I want to be happy)

I am retiring after 38 years in a full-time career because "It’s up to me (if I want to be happy)". I am now "On the Road to Dharma" and I have chosen to simplify my life because "You can never go too slow". As you can see, your CD is still doing me a lot of good.
Denise, Montreal


When you sent me your Going Home CD and the beautiful book of lyrics and quotes that goes with it, I knew beyond all doubt that the people you wrote it for would feel the comfort and the loving understanding that comes through your creation.

When my mom passed away shortly after, ‘Going Home’ was the only music I could bear to listen to. I carried it with me in the hospital and soothed myself with it’s comforting sounds every chance I got, because nothing else could help me get through those few days of her passing. I needed constant reminding that death is not the end; the songs helped me get the tears out and helped me with the grief, while constantly reassuring me that I will always have her near.

So thank you from the depths of me. I know she thanks you too for giving me what I needed at the time I needed it most. Mom I thought we had more time and we do. Love you!
Joyce Combs, (creator of the Seth Says Deck), Kansas City, Missouri

"The Children are the Guardians of the World"

I was listening in my car today to "The Children are the Guardians of the World" that you so freely gave. It moves me very much. The purity and innocence of those sweet tiny voices... wow! All your music is inspired and has that essence of "knowing" within each song.


Thank you for the music. I have absolutely fallen in love with your CD Going Home. I also like all the others, some with new music not on the ones I borrowed from Abraham-Hicks.

It is my constant companion and really lifting my spirits so much (all right, so the sun helps too)
Thank you, Dorothy

Music that helps you remember why you are alive...

"These inspirational 'songs of well-being' are better described as 'music that helps you remember why you are alive'. If this were the only thing that we had created in our lifetime, it would be enough"
Esther Hicks, Abraham-Hicks Publications

Remembering the message...

Two wonderful albums of uplifting music that project the philosophy of Abraham in a way we have never felt it before. If you like upbeat music and if you are looking for a way to remind yourself of what you have learned from Abraham, you are going to love these musical albums. Francine Jarry, our dear friend from Montreal, has truly captured the essence of Abraham's message in this wonderful music. The combination of this beautiful music and Francine's clever interpretation of Abraham's message will take you to an even deeper level of understanding and most of all, of remembering the message.
Jerry & Esther Hicks, Quarterly Journal, December 2005

So much needed in this world...FOLLOW THE RAINBOW

I bought your tape "Follow the Rainbow" recently and have been playing it for my twin grandsons. I absolutely adore it… it is such a beautiful tape and the words are just absolutely inspiring and so much needed in this world we live in. Thank you for this beautiful gift.

IT'S UP TO ME & THE ROAD TO DHARMA...so wonderful!

I've been listening to It's Up To Me. I couldn't pick the best. I really like the Dharma song and the cover song. The cat/dog song is so cute. I've been playing it in my car on the way to work and on the way home. It really helps to affirm my beliefs. Thanks. God bless and keep up the good work.

A NEW ADVENTURE... Songs bring joy & emotion! Cannot get them out of my mind...

"All your music is inspired and has that essence of "knowing" within each song. When I first heard the "New Adventure" I was just not prepared for the joy and powerful emotion that I would feel. Music is a compelling vibration. The songs are simple and one remembers them and cannot get them out of their mind; therefore there is a wonderful "well-being" reminder planted within you all the time. Songs are special when they become a part of you...
Name withheld

The absolute BEST music for the little ones

I have always thought that this music that flows through and with Francine is the absolute BEST music for the little ones to listen to to help reaffirm what they already know and balance out any attempt to teach them otherwise accidental or intentional…your children are very lucky.
Name Withheld

Soooooo uplifting! lyrics running through my head at night...

I find your music soooo uplifting! My children and I are really enjoying it. I find the lyrics of some of your songs running through my head at night.
C.M., Edmonton

You have touched and changed one life...thank you!

I had to call just to say to you how grateful I am to you. You can probably hear in the background (Joy to the Universe) that I'm not only listening to it now in the house cooking but every time I leave this house, it's in my car, either tape or CD and I have gotten more joy and more inspiration and more 'staying in the flow' from this than any other thing that I have ever been involved in... so Francine, you have touched and changed one life and thank you so much. I love you! Bye bye...
Jane M., Alabama

Written just for me...JOY JOY JOY

Francine, I love your music so much. I believe the new Joy Joy Joy CD was written just for me. It has helped me so much, and I really do feel joyous! Thank you. Kindly and sincerely,

Where can I get more of your music?

I ordered your CD, A New Adventure, and received it yesterday. My words cannot express the joy. Thank you so much. Where can I get more of your music? With love and appreciation,
B. Lewis

What a wonderful gift! A NEW ADVENTURE / DO IT FOR LOVE

Francine, I had not heard your music before. I am loving the CD, "A New Adventure". What a wonderful gift you have, and what a blessing you are to others. Thank you and much love.

I love your music... my kids know the music and the words

I love your music. It really helps to get into my subconscious to break those bad thoughts. What's really great is that I listen to it in the minivan, so that my kids know the music and the words. Thanks SO much.

A NEW ADVENTURE uplifting & inspiring,humming your music all day long

Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the new CD. I have not heard any of your other work before as I am new to Abraham, but I just love your music. It is so uplifting and inspiring. I find myself spending the day humming the music. Looking forward to the next one.
Barbara, White Plains, New York

Incredibly powerful... the best album! JOY JOY JOY!

Hi Francine, Your new album "Joy, Joy, Joy" arrived and that is absolutely a perfect description of it. Indeed, it is the best album I have ever heard and is incredibly powerful. Sending you an avalanching abundance of love, joy, thrilled excitement, prosperity and anything else you desire. Love and light,

JOY JOY JOY / A NEW ADVENTURE carries me through the day...

I want to thank you so much for your music... your songs and the words. I listen to your 2 Abraham CD's a lot and love the new one. I love to listen to it the first thing in the morning and it carries me through the day. So thank you again for what you have done. I appreciate it so much. Joy and Love,
Suzanne, Texas

I just finished watching The Story of Time. It is amazing!

Hi Francine!
I just finished watching The Story of Time. It is amazing! There is no doubt in my mind that you had the assistance of Great Grandmother Galaxy and Valum Votan in creating this, just as you will have their assistance and guidance in getting it out to those who need to see it (ultimately everyone!).
As I mentioned when we spoke, I believe that the return to 13:20 'natural' time is an important part in the return to 'Eden'.
When did the 'time of the becoming' end? Or has it? Are we entering a new era as we speak? My guess is yes. Are you ready for this, Francine? I think that you are quite possibly one of the most important people on this planet right now... This truly can change the world, one person at a time... God bless you,


Music to help me through...

Life keeps moving forward...sometimes at a pace that is difficult to manage....but you are always there to bring in the music to help me through...Love you!

The words I needed to hear

I was singing(to myself) the songs you shared on your interview. I really think you would be an amazing performer out and about....because you are an amazing 'presentator' and can affect so many lives with your approach to life.
I love you Francine and remember the first time I heard you...I cried for you said...sang....all the words I needed to hear.

LOOK FOR THE POSITIVE ASPECTS...appreciation from Germany

Hello Francine, I thought it is time to give you a short report about your wonderful music. Some time ago I had a really busy day and about 11:00 PM I wanted to listen to some music just to relax with the songs. So I was looking at my MP3 Player what to play. First I chose Susan Boyle, than Loreena McKennitt but although the songs gave me a good time I still did not feel happy because all the songs had somehow a sad story so I switched to my favorite music and chose Francine Jarry and suddenly my heart began to sing and in a moment I was in alignment and joy was the dominant emotion. You must have felt the love and appreciation I sent to you in this moment (as I always do actually, when listening to your songs). In a moment I was outrageously HAPPY!!! Even at the moment now I am listening to: “LET THE RIVER FLOW”.
Another story I have to tell you about the therapeutic effects your music has. My daughter had a miscarriage in April 2011 but is now pregnant again. But the fear of loosing this baby as well is sometimes very strong so I decided to give her the Francine Jarry cure: she has to listen to your music all the day and where ever she is. She is a good child and listens to her mother and so she is doing it and she told me, that even though she is just listening for two weeks by now, the words and sentences stick in her head. So when the fear appears again, she hears inside of her: “Look at the positive aspects…”Thank you for this!!! Love and appreciation...

SPIRIT IS CALLING...muchas gracias!

Me encanto amiga...que hermosa vos tienes y tambien tocando el arpa...voy a escucharlo todos los dias...muchas gracias!