"Joy to the Universe"... rivers of positive energy...

I bought "A New Adventure" last Thursday at an Abraham Hicks workshop and love it, especially "Joy to the Universe", which I keep playing over again. The way you sing "Joy to the Universe" sends rivers of positive energy through my body - definitely connected to Source!".
Philadelphia, PA

JOY JOY JOY (I can do it!)

I think of you everyday, as I listen to the Joy! Joy! Joy! CD and wish you well -- and await new CDs! And when the songs are not playing, they play in my head. Or, something will come up
in life, and I'll hear you say: I can do it... I can do it.

JOY JOY JOY/A New Adventure

Thank you for the songs. It is easy to overcome a sudden sadness by listening to them. It is a good thing to know that the extract of my lot of positive thinking books, healing books, and philosophy books are now fitting on my Mp3 player and I can even sing along with it. So if the question should arise what I should take with me to a lonely island the answer would be not anymore my Seth books but my Mp3 player and if I ran out of battery, it would not matter because until then I know the songs by heart. All the best to you!
Birgit (Germany)

JOY JOY JOY / A New Adventure

I wanted to write to you and thank you for your music. I cannot feel bad when listening to it and I defy anyone to be able to sit still while listening. I start my every day out with your 2 CDs Joy Joy Joy and A New Adventure. It’s amazingly contagious happiness… what an awesome way to get tuned in, tapped in and turned on every day,,, thank you so much.

IT'S UP TO ME (if I want to be happy)

I am retiring after 38 years in a full-time career because "It’s up to me (if I want to be happy)". I am now "On the Road to Dharma" and I have chosen to simplify my life because "You can never go too slow". As you can see, your CD is still doing me a lot of good.
Denise, Montreal

A New Adventure... A wonderful tool for lifting vibration!

Dear Francine, Your songs bypass my conscious mind and go straight into my heart, and they never fail to lift my vibration. I play your CD in my car nearly every day and have learned all of your songs by heart. I find myself singing them when they are the most needed. Sometimes I wake up singing them. I just wanted you to know that your songs send a ripple of positive vibration throughout the world that continues to grow every day. Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool for lifting vibration! Love,

Eagerly anticipating filling my space with your music...

Thanks for your suggestions. I feel "It's up to Me" would be appreciated by one of my clients. I'm eagerly anticipating filling my space with your music. My nieces, 3 & 6, have most of the words to "A New Adventure" memorized and love to sing them at their school. Especially, "If it feels good, do it". Laugher and love,
Dianne J., New Mexico

JOY JOY JOY (I can do it!)

I just wanted to share the powerful effects your "I Can Do It" song is having on Special Ed. students in the East Bay in California. Your incredible song has given them the confidence to persevere!!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful song with the world. And thank you for listening deeply to your Inner Spirit to allow this gem of all gems to come through you.
Sincerely, Randy

The children are the guardians of the world

“Why is it that your work is so utterly relevant to what the world needs that any time I write something, your work becomes an essential reference?”
Burt Danet, co-founder / ABC4All.com (A better community for all)


Thank you ever so much for this beautiful gift !! I got in late last night and pulled it out of my mailbox and played it as I got ready for bed and fell asleep listening to it. I took it in the car this morning and I was almost in tears as it sank in ... what a beautiful gift. I LOVE IT !! Joy to the Universe and to you!!

Max (4 yrs.) sang the whole song to us over the phone (A NEW ADVENTURE)

Dear Francine, Zoe (2 today), and Max who is 4 are finding the joy in your New Adventure. And today, Abby (my daughter) said the only thing that would settle Zoe down was another of the songs on the album. The song is ...are you feeling are you feeling, good or bad, good or bad.... emotions... And the first song on the album Max and Zoe make Abby repeat over and over again.
Mary Anne

More, More, Much Much More! JOY JOY JOY album

More, More, Much Much More... this song delights me on every level... for me, I want More, More, Much Much More. Thank you Francine Jarry for doing what FEELs GOOD to you to do! It feels GOODe to me, too!
Kathy Goode in CO

Singing your songs going into surgery... DEAR FATHER...

I was singing your songs going into surgery! Your music has assisted me in lining up immediately, Francine. I am so grateful for that. Your song "Dear Father" is just sooo beautiful. It's definitely one of the powerful bridges between spirituality and religion. It's very important. I love turning it up... I always get chills. In loving grace,

You have touched and changed one life...thank you!

I had to call just to say to you how grateful I am to you. You can probably hear in the background (Joy to the Universe) that I'm not only listening to it now in the house cooking but every time I leave this house, it's in my car, either tape or CD and I have gotten more joy and more inspiration and more 'staying in the flow' from this than any other thing that I have ever been involved in... so Francine, you have touched and changed one life and thank you so much. I love you! Bye bye...
Jane M., Alabama


Hi Francine, was just thinking of you and wanted to say hi. Sending you good thoughts, love and light! Forgot to let you know how much I love your song Living in the Vortex...thanks for sending it! I feel like I really was in some kind of vortex this past year... ;-) All is well!
Hugs, Liz

LOOK FOR THE POSITIVE ASPECTS...appreciation from Germany

Hello Francine, I thought it is time to give you a short report about your wonderful music. Some time ago I had a really busy day and about 11:00 PM I wanted to listen to some music just to relax with the songs. So I was looking at my MP3 Player what to play. First I chose Susan Boyle, than Loreena McKennitt but although the songs gave me a good time I still did not feel happy because all the songs had somehow a sad story so I switched to my favorite music and chose Francine Jarry and suddenly my heart began to sing and in a moment I was in alignment and joy was the dominant emotion. You must have felt the love and appreciation I sent to you in this moment (as I always do actually, when listening to your songs). In a moment I was outrageously HAPPY!!! Even at the moment now I am listening to: “LET THE RIVER FLOW”.
Another story I have to tell you about the therapeutic effects your music has. My daughter had a miscarriage in April 2011 but is now pregnant again. But the fear of loosing this baby as well is sometimes very strong so I decided to give her the Francine Jarry cure: she has to listen to your music all the day and where ever she is. She is a good child and listens to her mother and so she is doing it and she told me, that even though she is just listening for two weeks by now, the words and sentences stick in her head. So when the fear appears again, she hears inside of her: “Look at the positive aspects…”Thank you for this!!! Love and appreciation...

SPIRIT IS CALLING...muchas gracias!

Me encanto amiga...que hermosa vos tienes y tambien tocando el arpa...voy a escucharlo todos los dias...muchas gracias!