"Baby Mine"... from "Follow the Rainbow"... I play it to soothe my parrot

Dear Francine, I enjoy your work so much, I would gladly purchase the whole collection.

A New Adventure every time I play it!

Hi Francine, Love your music! A friend of mine gifted me with your "A New Adventure" CD. Listening to the songs is a new adventure every time I play them. The lyrics definitely get stuck in my head and are spewed out to others at appropriate times when I need to make a point about living a reality which brings us joy and fulfillment. Thanks for your inspirational, artistic expressions,

JOY JOY JOY (I can do it!)

I think of you everyday, as I listen to the Joy! Joy! Joy! CD and wish you well -- and await new CDs! And when the songs are not playing, they play in my head. Or, something will come up
in life, and I'll hear you say: I can do it... I can do it.

JOY JOY JOY/A New Adventure

Thank you for the songs. It is easy to overcome a sudden sadness by listening to them. It is a good thing to know that the extract of my lot of positive thinking books, healing books, and philosophy books are now fitting on my Mp3 player and I can even sing along with it. So if the question should arise what I should take with me to a lonely island the answer would be not anymore my Seth books but my Mp3 player and if I ran out of battery, it would not matter because until then I know the songs by heart. All the best to you!
Birgit (Germany)

JOY JOY JOY / A New Adventure

I wanted to write to you and thank you for your music. I cannot feel bad when listening to it and I defy anyone to be able to sit still while listening. I start my every day out with your 2 CDs Joy Joy Joy and A New Adventure. It’s amazingly contagious happiness… what an awesome way to get tuned in, tapped in and turned on every day,,, thank you so much.

Your music goes with me wherever I go...

Thanks for taking time to help me. I really appreciate it.. Your music goes with me in my mind or on a CD wherever I go. It is such a gentle reminder to "look up". Sincerely...
Helen in Portland

A New Adventure

Your new Abraham music CD! The first time I listened to it, I had such head rushes of energy; it was 'Awesome'! Thank you so much for sharing this true gift of talent and Connection. I will treasure it always.
Abraham-Hicks quarterly journal-April 2003-Vol. 24

A New Adventure... A wonderful tool for lifting vibration!

Dear Francine, Your songs bypass my conscious mind and go straight into my heart, and they never fail to lift my vibration. I play your CD in my car nearly every day and have learned all of your songs by heart. I find myself singing them when they are the most needed. Sometimes I wake up singing them. I just wanted you to know that your songs send a ripple of positive vibration throughout the world that continues to grow every day. Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool for lifting vibration! Love,

JOY JOY JOY / A NEW ADVENTURE carries me through the day...

I want to thank you so much for your music... your songs and the words. I listen to your 2 Abraham CD's a lot and love the new one. I love to listen to it the first thing in the morning and it carries me through the day. So thank you again for what you have done. I appreciate it so much. Joy and Love,
Suzanne, Texas

Good thing we can't wear CDs out... A New Adventure

Francine... Thanks for letting me know your new CD is available. I just ordered a copy and ordered through your site. I look forward to hearing your new songs each morning. Good thing we can’t wear CD’s out – we play your New Adventure CD EVERY morning when we exercise. Happy holidays to you. Hugs,
Janet - Sedona

JOY JOY JOY / A New Adventure

I have just finished listening and I am blown away! You have done a superlative job in creating these two albums. I am transformed as I listen to each piece. I will treasure these works always.
Name withheld

I really do LOVE your music

I listen to it every morning to start my day and all through the day whenever I can; it’s helping so much.
Name withheld

Cannot get the songs out of my head...

I do not leave home without it! It is so uplifting. I cannot get the songs out of my head. You know I had to pull into a gas station to buy some Kleenex before I could journey forth...I was so moved.
Abraham-Hicks quarterly journal-April 2003-vol. 24

Eagerly anticipating filling my space with your music...

Thanks for your suggestions. I feel "It's up to Me" would be appreciated by one of my clients. I'm eagerly anticipating filling my space with your music. My nieces, 3 & 6, have most of the words to "A New Adventure" memorized and love to sing them at their school. Especially, "If it feels good, do it". Laugher and love,
Dianne J., New Mexico

JOY JOY JOY / A New Adventure Getting back into the stream...

I want to thank you for putting Abraham's words to music. I listen to your work often, especially when I know I'm moving out of alignment. You help me come back into the stream. Blessings,

I adore your work!

I would love to buy ITS UP TO ME, FOLLOW THE RAINBOW, and TRANSITION. How exciting!! I am so happy to be getting your wonderful new (to me!) music! :-) I adore your work! Hugs and Smiles and Warmest Wishes!

Do it for love! Greetings from Sweden...

I want only to say that now my wife and I have listened to your songs many times, and we both love them more and more. They are beautiful as background inspiration - and when we return to the album after not having listened for a week it is like meeting a dear friend again. Greetings from Sweden, and blessings.
Nils Jacobson, M.D.

The essence of the law of attraction in words & music

You have combined the essence of the law of attraction philosophy with beautiful inspiring music in a way that I now find as helpful as the books. I play them and sing along in the car most every day, and they never get old. I especially love the way you use different styles - like the South/Central American sounds.
Baird, Oregon


Hi Francine, Just had to send this latest update on my daughter since she is celebrating life at its fullest and even comments on "joy" several times...guess your latest CD produced that for her! Thanks for the months of caring and providing love and music for her recovery and strength...and learning how to "find her way".
Love, Jane


Thank you ever so much for this beautiful gift !! I got in late last night and pulled it out of my mailbox and played it as I got ready for bed and fell asleep listening to it. I took it in the car this morning and I was almost in tears as it sank in ... what a beautiful gift. I LOVE IT !! Joy to the Universe and to you!!

Listened on your website Want it with me day & night...

I have just listened to your CD that I purchased from Abraham-Hicks. How do I purchase the rest of your music. I looked and listened on your website. Love what I heard and want to have it with me day and night :-)Thank you with joyful hugs...
Diane... out on the Mojave Desert in California

Max (4 yrs.) sang the whole song to us over the phone (A NEW ADVENTURE)

Dear Francine, Zoe (2 today), and Max who is 4 are finding the joy in your New Adventure. And today, Abby (my daughter) said the only thing that would settle Zoe down was another of the songs on the album. The song is ...are you feeling are you feeling, good or bad, good or bad.... emotions... And the first song on the album Max and Zoe make Abby repeat over and over again.
Mary Anne

Incredibly powerful... the best album! JOY JOY JOY!

Hi Francine, Your new album "Joy, Joy, Joy" arrived and that is absolutely a perfect description of it. Indeed, it is the best album I have ever heard and is incredibly powerful. Sending you an avalanching abundance of love, joy, thrilled excitement, prosperity and anything else you desire. Love and light,

My only "drug" during the birth of my son

I love it! It was my only "drug" during the birth of my son. Swaying to, "Go where you want to go...do what you want to do...be who you want to be...in freedom and joy!" and "I can do anything, anything, anything...I can do anything I want to..." and all the other great songs. The next thing I knew, sweet Jack was in my arms!
Name Withheld

More, More, Much Much More! JOY JOY JOY album

More, More, Much Much More... this song delights me on every level... for me, I want More, More, Much Much More. Thank you Francine Jarry for doing what FEELs GOOD to you to do! It feels GOODe to me, too!
Kathy Goode in CO


When you sent me your Going Home CD and the beautiful book of lyrics and quotes that goes with it, I knew beyond all doubt that the people you wrote it for would feel the comfort and the loving understanding that comes through your creation.

When my mom passed away shortly after, ‘Going Home’ was the only music I could bear to listen to. I carried it with me in the hospital and soothed myself with it’s comforting sounds every chance I got, because nothing else could help me get through those few days of her passing. I needed constant reminding that death is not the end; the songs helped me get the tears out and helped me with the grief, while constantly reassuring me that I will always have her near.

So thank you from the depths of me. I know she thanks you too for giving me what I needed at the time I needed it most. Mom I thought we had more time and we do. Love you!
Joyce Combs, (creator of the Seth Says Deck), Kansas City, Missouri

"Joy to the Universe"... rivers of positive energy...

I bought "A New Adventure" last Thursday at an Abraham Hicks workshop and love it, especially "Joy to the Universe", which I keep playing over again. The way you sing "Joy to the Universe" sends rivers of positive energy through my body - definitely connected to Source!".
Philadelphia, PA


Thank you for the music. I have absolutely fallen in love with your CD Going Home. I also like all the others, some with new music not on the ones I borrowed from Abraham-Hicks.

It is my constant companion and really lifting my spirits so much (all right, so the sun helps too)
Thank you, Dorothy

So much needed in this world...FOLLOW THE RAINBOW

I bought your tape "Follow the Rainbow" recently and have been playing it for my twin grandsons. I absolutely adore it… it is such a beautiful tape and the words are just absolutely inspiring and so much needed in this world we live in. Thank you for this beautiful gift.

IT'S UP TO ME & THE ROAD TO DHARMA...so wonderful!

I've been listening to It's Up To Me. I couldn't pick the best. I really like the Dharma song and the cover song. The cat/dog song is so cute. I've been playing it in my car on the way to work and on the way home. It really helps to affirm my beliefs. Thanks. God bless and keep up the good work.

A NEW ADVENTURE... Songs bring joy & emotion! Cannot get them out of my mind...

"All your music is inspired and has that essence of "knowing" within each song. When I first heard the "New Adventure" I was just not prepared for the joy and powerful emotion that I would feel. Music is a compelling vibration. The songs are simple and one remembers them and cannot get them out of their mind; therefore there is a wonderful "well-being" reminder planted within you all the time. Songs are special when they become a part of you...
Name withheld

Written just for me...JOY JOY JOY

Francine, I love your music so much. I believe the new Joy Joy Joy CD was written just for me. It has helped me so much, and I really do feel joyous! Thank you. Kindly and sincerely,

Where can I get more of your music?

I ordered your CD, A New Adventure, and received it yesterday. My words cannot express the joy. Thank you so much. Where can I get more of your music? With love and appreciation,
B. Lewis

IT'S UP TO ME (if I want to be happy)

I am retiring after 38 years in a full-time career because "It’s up to me (if I want to be happy)". I am now "On the Road to Dharma" and I have chosen to simplify my life because "You can never go too slow". As you can see, your CD is still doing me a lot of good.
Denise, Montreal

What a wonderful gift! A NEW ADVENTURE / DO IT FOR LOVE

Francine, I had not heard your music before. I am loving the CD, "A New Adventure". What a wonderful gift you have, and what a blessing you are to others. Thank you and much love.


Hi Francine, Got the alert below that two more of your albums, both favorites of mine, are now on I Tunes. Congratulations!