Francine Jarry

POSITIVE/UPLIFTING & INSPIRATIONAL SONGS OF WELL BEING... original version preceding "A New Adventure" includes two additional songs "Love Heals Everything" and "Remember the good times"... also the songs are in a different order... On the New Adventure album, the songs were selected according to the progression of Abraham's teachings... Here, I have chosen the order more for the musical flow... both good although slightly different... enJOY!

1: A New Adventure (original version)
2: Letting Go
3: I'll never get it all done
4: Imagine it, pretend it, feel it!
5: Wherever I go
6: Remember the good times
7: Dis oui a la vie!
8: Making today count
9: Go to a happy place
10: When I'm ready
11: Reach for a thought that feels better
12: Go where you want to go
13: Lullabies of well-being
14: Count Your Blessings
15: Let the river flow
16: Do it for Love
17: Love Heals Everything (IF YOU LOVE THIS PLANET)
18: Awakenings (flute instrumental)
19: All Is Well
20: Joy To The Universe (IF YOU LOVE THIS PLANET)