Francine Jarry

WELLBEING FOR 'ALL AGES'... part II of the best of "law of attraction songs for wellbeing" in easy-to-remember words and music...including songs not found on the Abraham-Hicks collaborations... this CD was created to reach a more mainstream audience and is also available on all current digital venues such as iTunes, Amazon, etc... artwork by Joyce Combs

1: Letting Go
2: Feeling Good
3: Look for reasons to feel good
4: Just for the fun of it/Make Peace With Where You Are
5: Joy Joy Joy (I Can Do It)
6: Relax & Breathe
7: Let it in
8: Look for the positive aspects
9: Lift up off of it
10: Make the best of everything
11: Lighten up!
12: Life is what you make it
13: I can begin again
14: There's always another boat
15: Virtual reality
16: Feel good now!
17: I want more