Francine Jarry
TRANSITION (Instrumental - piano & guitar)

TRANSITION ~ a passing from one condition, form, stage, activity, place, etc., to another... A collection of piano and guitar themes written, arranged and performed by Francine... Relax with this eclectic mix of classical and ethnic flavourings gathered in 17 compositions... (this album was recorded so I wouldn't forget these compositions as I don't write music)
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1: Transition
2: Zarya
3: Rainbow Suite
4: Don't cry for me (instrumental)
5: Flying Away
6: The dance of life
7: Solitude
8: Gabrielle
9: Awakening (instrumental)
10: Where are you now?
11: The key
12: My brother, my friend
13: Sweet Shanna Goodbye
14: Entre deux mondes
15: Drifting & Dreaming (insrumental)
16: Dimensions (instrumental)
17: Waiting for Marla